6242 US Hwy 98, Ste 60, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
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About Us

Committed to the highest level of performance with integrity and creativity
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About the CEO

Portia Pearson is the Chief Executive Officer of W & P, LLC. As the CEO, Ms. Pearson provides day-to-day oversight and ensures the company maintains its reputation for quality care and excellent customer service at a fair price. Under her leadership, the company has become one of the growing minority, woman-owned businesses in Mississippi. She was selected as one of Mississippi’s 50 Leading Businesswomen for 2019 by the Mississippi Business Journal.

Ms. Pearson holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi. She is a member of Hattiesburg Mississippi’s Area Development Partnership, Hub City Business Network, and the Merit Health Wesley Patient and Family Partnership Council.


Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to every client we serve by providing excellent services and high-quality products that will exceed their expectations and delivering effective solutions to create and build what they envision.


To be a global leader in construction, manufacturing, and delivery of high value-added quality products and services.