6242 Hwy. 98 West, Suite 60, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
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About Us

Committed to the highest level of performance with integrity and creativity
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W & P, LLC was established in December 2008, specifically as a collection draw site providing accurate, affordable medical-laboratory testing for consumers seeking expedited answers to their health concerns. We thrived primarily on the following services: Phlebotomy, DNA testing and drug and alcohol testing. Offering a comprehensive battery of tests, we provided medical screenings at our facility as well as via mobile collections.

Over the years, we began teaming with other small businesses to expand our services and broaden our territory, delivering solutions to government and corporate entities in the areas of logistics management, facilities support services, heavy construction, commercial building, site preparation contracting and building materials and supplies.

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About the CEO

Portia Pearson is the Chief Executive Officer of W & P, LLC. As the CEO, Ms. Pearson provides day-to-day oversight and ensures the company maintains its reputation for quality care and excellent customer service at a fair price. Under her leadership, the company has become one of the growing minority, woman-owned businesses in Mississippi. She was selected as one of Mississippi’s 50 Leading Businesswomen for 2019 by the Mississippi Business Journal.

Ms. Pearson holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi. She is a member of Hattiesburg Mississippi’s Area Development Partnership, Hub City Business Network, and the Merit Health Wesley Patient and Family Partnership Council.


Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to every client we serve by providing excellent services and high-quality products that will exceed their expectations and delivering effective solutions to create and build what they envision.


To be a global leader in construction, manufacturing, and delivery of high value-added quality products and services.