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We are a multi-disciplined specialist group with hands-on experience in many industries, delivering solutions in logistics, construction, and distribution of building materials and complying with the highest quality and service standards.

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Heavy Construction

Trust our expertise and experience in performing multiple heavy construction projects.

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Logistics Management

We meet customer demands through planning, control, and implementation.

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Commercial Building

Discover how we can help you build and design your commercial space.

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More Services

Learn more about the services we provide.

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Welcome to W & P, LLC

Using top-of-the-line equipment and hiring talented, experienced professionals, we deliver effective solutions to government and corporate entities. We always provide the best quality work possible to maximize sustainable competitive advantages and give you peace of mind. We geared every action we take towards building and strengthening the trust you put in us, always delivering our promises no matter what.

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Competencies and StandardFederal Certifications

We had obtained Federal Certifications to compete successfully with larger businesses or other certified businesses. Learn more about them here.

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Business Requirements State Certifications

To protect public health and safety as well as expand our reach to top corporate, we have passed many State Certifications. Check them out here.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to every people we serve by providing excellent services and high-quality products that will exceed their expectations and delivering effective solutions to create and build what they envision.

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